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Waste Characterization

WC-awningCalRecovery, Inc. has been at the forefront of the conduct of reliable and representative waste composition studies for the purpose of program planning and facility design, and of the development of solid waste characterization procedures and sampling techniques.

The complex and time-varying nature of municipal solid waste makes it one of the most difficult materials to evaluate and process. In the case of several of our clients, CalRecovery has performed several waste characterization studies over a period of years.

Solid waste characterization and program analysis, Salt Lake City

This study characterized the municipal solid waste stream of the city and identified improvements and new programs to increase the diversion of waste from landfill disposal.  The study found opportunities for recovering additional tonnages of materials based on the analysis of samples of waste and presented three sets of programs with the potential of achieving up to 45% diversion for the residential and commercial sectors in the near- and medium-terms. As one component of the study, a general materials balance was estimated for Salt Lake City’s residential and commercial generated, diverted, and disposed solid wastes.