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Sustainable Systems & Zero Waste

CalRecovery, Inc. is assisting the public and private sectors in the design and implementation of sustainable and integrated community systems, e.g., materials recycling, energy generation, wastewater treatment, and food production. An important aspect of our work is planning and instituting zero waste systems for public as well as private sector clients.

The company works internationally, helping clients tackle routine as well as difficult waste and energy management problems.

Planning and Implementation of zero waste strategy, private waste collection and processing company

Assistance to an entrepreneurial waste collection company in the design and implementation of programs in a large metropolitan service area to reduce the quantities of solid waste requiring landfill disposal. Both strategic planning and engineering expertise to increase the recycling (including composting) rate in the service provider’s service area from 65% to more than 80% were provided, using a combination of programs (collection, processing, and recovery).

Sustainable Community Composed of Integrated Subsystems