Waste Management Solutions Worldwide – Since 1975

Research, Development, & Design (RD&D)

CalRecovery’s record of success in the waste management field has earned outstanding national and international reputations for the firm.  Throughout the firm’s history, research and development efforts by members of CalRecovery have played key roles in the growth of the firm and of the industry.  Special methodologies for testing and analyzing waste processing systems were developed by CalRecovery specifically to allow equitable comparisons of the technical or financial performance of waste processing equipment or systems.  Specifically, CalRecovery has conducted comparative analyses on a number of types of waste processing equipment, including size reduction equipment, air classification systems, and screening systems.  Additionally, CalRecovery key personnel were among the first researchers to measure and study the health and safety impacts of waste processing and continue to conduct research and development in this area. CalRecovery has contributed the following to the field of solid waste processing, handling, and conversion:

    • the preparation of design and user manuals for shredding and screening of solid waste for the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE, respectively
    • the late Dr. Clarence Golueke, VP of R&D, developed the basic scientific principles for composting organic wastes in the United States in the early 1950s
    • a chapter on solid waste processing and thermal and biological conversion for the U.S. Navy’s solid waste design manual
    • two books covering the design, operation, and performance of mixed waste processing, handling, and conversion equipment
    • development of test plans and procedures for the evaluation of various unit operations used in mechanical waste processing and in biological and thermal conversion systems
    • development of performance parameters, levels of performance, acceptance tests, bid documents, and contract documents in connection with the procurement of waste management facilities
CalRecovery’s knowledge of processing wastes is state-of-the-art, which allows the most current design techniques to be applied to the firm’s projects.  Evaluation and selection of waste processing alternatives, whether for design, retrofit, or operational changes can be accomplished efficiently by CalRecovery with in-house expertise, thereby saving the client time and money.  For specialized services, the firm has established a working relationship with a wide range of specialized commercial and academic laboratories.  As a result of extensive design and testing of resource recovery systems and the maintenance of an ongoing communication with plant managers, operators, and specialists in the field, CalRecovery continues to expand its experience and reputation in the field of waste management and utilization.