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Procurement Assistance

Sample RFPs

Sample RFPs

CalRecovery regularly provides assistance to its clients in the areas of procurement and contract negotiations on projects ranging from collection to materials recovery facilities.

As a result of our extensive work in this area, we have compiled samples of RFQs, RFPs, and contracts for a wide range of processing technologies. Examples of projects include:

  • assistance in procurement process for MRF, compost facility, and C&D processing, City of Napa, California
  • assistance with research of solid waste program issues and the development of a solid waste and recycling RFP, City of San Jose, California
  • front-end solid waste management system procurement, City of New Haven, Connecticut
  • specification and procurement of waste collection carts for American Samoa, American Samoa Power Authority
  • resource recovery facility procurement, San Diego County, California
  • preparation of RFPs for collection and processing for yard debris composting program, City of San Jose, California
  • technical assistance in curbside collection procurement, City of San Jose, California
  • regional composting/recycling facility procurement, five cities in Broward County, Florida
  • preparation of bid documents for landfill equipment, City of Palo Alto, California
  • resource recovery project — technical assistance in contract negotiations, Broward County, Florida