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Household Hazardous Wastes & Special Wastes

Household Hazardous Wastes & Special WastesCalRecovery, Inc. has been involved in the management of household hazardous wastes and special wastes since the early 1970s. The projects range in scope from the recovery and reuse of waste oil to the application of biotechnology and detoxifying hazardous compounds.

Toxicity profile of waste, City and County of San Francisco, California
Determination of the sources, quantities, characteristics, and toxicity profile and ranking of potentially toxic materials entering the disposed solid waste stream. The study included collection of data in the field, assessment of toxic materials in the waste, and preparation of conclusions and recommendations as a result of the analysis. CalRecovery provided advice to the City on methods of managing and reducing the quantities of toxic materials disposed in the waste, for the purpose of reducing the toxicity of wastes destined to landfill disposal. Potential alternatives investigated included new or improved recycling programs, consumer education, product substitution, and process changes, and toxicity reduction at the product manufacturing level.