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Healthcare Wastes



Collection and land disposal of heathcare wastes and the potential risks associated with these functions are critical issues. CalRecovery, Inc. has been requested by clients around the world to investigate the characteristics of heathcare wastes related to potential levels, routes, and risks of exposure of healthcare workers and others to injury and to chemical compounds and pathogens. The risks are assessed as a function of the characteristics of the wastes and various routes of exposure (inhalation, dermal, etc.) for different types of collection, treatment, and disposal.

Guidance manual for the development of cost estimates for national healthcare waste management plans, World Health Organization

CalRecovery prepared a guidance document that presented general methods and procedures for national working groups to estimate capital and recurring costs of integrated national healthcare waste management plans and identified and analyzed options for financing those costs. The guidance manual was prepared for central, regional, and municipal government policymakers in charge of developing, implementing, or monitoring healthcare waste management plans.

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