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Expert Witness

Expert witness report coverCalRecovery, Inc. has provided expert advice and prepared expert testimony in connection with disputes involving a variety of situations and matters related to waste management. Experience includes:

  • On behalf of a Fortune 500 company, expert testimony was prepared and presented before formal arbitration proceedings involving over 200 claims on a variety of technical subjects related to solid waste processing, including the state-of-the-art in the industry, and the adequacy of process design, of equipment specifications and selection, and of methods of equipment installation.
  • For a large municipality, analysis was conducted and a CalRecovery expert deposed concerning waste characteristics and operational procedures associated with the operation of a landfill and waste processing system by one of the municipality’s contractors.
  • In separate engagements, CalRecovery provided expert analysis and opinions regarding the design, operation, and performance of waste composting facilities; one supported the case of a large financial institution and the other supported the position of a system supplier in its dispute with the owner of the facility.
  • CalRecovery personnel presented analyses and opinions of the cost of waste processing operations and their financial value in cases of potential buy-outs and mergers and in cases of disputes between two parties.
  • For a California county and its legal counsel, CalRecovery provided technical analysis related to alleged odor generation from processing of organic residues and its impact on nearby residences.
  • CalRecovery provided expert advice to legal counsels representing purchasers or suppliers of waste processing equipment (green waste grinding equipment in one dispute and electronics processing equipment in the other) and involving alleged non-performance and breach of contract.
  • CalRecovery personnel served as experts to an international tribunal that was assigned to arbitrate a dispute between the owner and operator of a large solid waste landfill, involving landfill design, operation, and performance.