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Environmental Analysis and Permit Compliance

Members of CalRecovery, Inc. have undertaken numerous projects in which environmental analyses were a significant part of the scope of work.  This experience enables us to competently analyze the potential environmental effects of proposed projects and comply with requirements of regulatory agencies.  Representative projects include the following:

Environmental factors of recycled fiber manufacturing, California Integrated Waste Management Board
(now CalRecycle)

CalRecovery analyzed and quantified the environmental factors that are associated with pulp and paper manufacturing from secondary fiber.  The main objectives of the study were to define the resources used by, and wastes discharged from, pulp and paper mills and to recommend strategies and policies for expanding mill capacity in California.

Environmental consultation to farming operation, Private Client
Technical assistance to a farm operation in the Sacramento Valley region of California regarding the composting of agricultural residue generated onsite, in order to eliminate the environmental nuisance resulting from stockpiling the material.  Laboratory analyses were conducted on the potential feedstocks to the compost operation, a conceptual design was developed, and operating guidelines were prepared and implemented by the farm operator.

Analysis of traffic flow within processing facility, Private Hauler
CalRecovery performed a processing facility capacity evaluation to support a permitted expansion of the facility, including the evaluation of traffic flow issues within the proposed facility.  As part of the analysis, CalRecovery developed a unique method for evaluating the traffic flow and tip floor material recovery operations within and around the facility in order to estimate their effect on the overall processing rate of the facility.  The results of the CalRecovery engineering study were used to support the facility’s permit application.

Environmental assessment, MRF
Preparation of environmental impact assessment for a materials recovery facility (MRF), anticipated to process an estimated 30,000 tons of source-separated materials per year.  The project included a technical description of the facility and processing system, identification of potential environmental impacts, methods of environmental control and mitigation impacts and benefits of the project, coordination of a public meeting, and filing of the environmental assessment with the relevant state agency.

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