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Construction Monitoring

Startup Test of MRF
Startup Test of MRF

CalRecovery personnel are thoroughly acquainted with most available types of solid waste handling and processing equipment through design studies, field test evaluation, and equipment operation. Company personnel are specialized in the testing and monitoring of processing facilities and systems for purposes of understanding and optimizing process dynamics as functions of feedstock properties and operating variables.

In depth studies on the various types of equipment have been conducted by CalRecovery for governmental, institutional, and private clients. In addition, CalRecovery has contributed numerous publications and test plans to the field of solid waste processing, handling, and conversion.

Design and implementation of an enhanced recyclables collection program and a materials recovery facility, private collection firm (Minnesota)

CalRecovery identified new recycling opportunities in order to size and design processing facility.  Preparation of final design of 40 tons per 8-hour shift/21,000 sq ft processing facility.  A particularly critical part of the assessment was the estimation of: 1) recyclables quantities to be collected, 2) processing and labor requirements, and 3) expected market demand and revenues.  This part of the assessment was especially important since the client had been experiencing significant growth in its customer base, and market demand for recyclable materials was in a state of flux in the Midwest.  CalRecovery developed the program plan for the collector to implement expansion of its market share for recyclables collection, in terms of customers, material categories, and targeted quantities of materials.  In the final phase of the project, CalRecovery tested the facility and commissioned the plant for commercial operation.