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Beneficial Use of Biosolids

Beneficial Use of BiosolidsMembers of CalRecovery, Inc. have actively participated in a variety of projects dealing with the beneficial use of both organic and inorganic residues for more than 35 years. The firm has conducted work on composting of materials in the United States and other countries and is internationally recognized for its expertise in composting and co-composting (processing of both biosolids and other organic wastes). Some of the materials that have been tested, processed, and evaluated over the years include biosolids (sludge), the organic fraction of municipal refuse, paper, yard waste, food waste, and other organic materials. Members of the firm have also carried out field tests to assess the viability of stabilizing chemically treated biosolids. Some of this work has included the treatment of limed biosolids. The field tests included the analysis of various physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the finished product.

Beneficial reuse of biosolids, City of Santa Rosa, California

CalRecovery provided assistance in the implementation of the City’s biosolids co-composting facility. A bulking agent analysis was conducted, as well as a plan for startup operations. In addition, CalRecovery conducted a detailed analysis of potential regional markets, which focused on short- and long-term strategies.