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Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Facility

Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Facility

CalRecovery has over 45 years of experience in defining the fundamentals of waste processing design and operation, and in recovering materials and energy from a wide variety of materials and discarded wastes.

The company gained its expertise by observing and evaluating commercial-scale waste processing operations, and characterizing and processing waste and materials.

Because of the breadth of the company’s design and operating experience, CalRecovery is sought to make presentations to technical as well as lay audiences on the state-of-the-art and future direction of processing for organic materials, mixed solid waste, and recyclables.

In addition to supplying services that draw upon its process design and operating experience, CalRecovery offers services in other areas of waste management and the utilization of energy resources.

The range of services includes preparation of master plans, project management, procurement of collection and processing systems, evaluation of market supply and demand, acceptance testing, technical assistance, research and development efforts, and the conduct of feasibility studies.